Executive Team:
Pioneers of Metachain Technologies

Steering Metachain to Global Eminence

At Metachain Technologies, our leadership is the cornerstone of our success, supported with professional team. With a blend of unparalleled expertise and visionary leadership, our executive team charts the course for technological innovation and business excellence.

Matthew Connelly - The Visionary CEO

Matthew Connelly is not just the CEO of Metachain; he's the embodiment of its vision and ethos. With over two decades in the software development and digital marketing sectors, Matthew's leadership is characterized by foresight and adaptability. His early adoption of blockchain technology showcases his ability to anticipate industry shifts and position Metachain at the forefront of innovation.

Matthew's unwavering commitment to the digital asset realm, from NFTs to the metaverse, drives Metachain's mission. His strategic approach ensures that the company remains a pioneer in integrating these groundbreaking technologies into enterprise operations.

Beyond his technical prowess, Matthew's leadership style fosters a culture of innovation, inspiring the Metachain team to explore new frontiers in the digital asset domain. His reputation as an industry thought leader is well-earned, with a track record of identifying trends and capitalizing on untapped opportunities.

Anas Madi - The Technological Maestro

Anas Madi, our esteemed CTO, is an idol of technical brilliance and transformative leadership. Leading a formidable team of over 100 professionals, Anas Madi's expertise spans both front-end and back-end development, making him a rare gem in the tech world.

His leadership has been instrumental in the successful design and deployment of over 200 applications across diverse business sectors. Anas Madi 's ability to simplify intricate processes and devise innovative solutions has left an indelible mark on the global tech landscape.

But Anas Madi's contributions extend beyond Metachain. As a mentor to over 10,000 academy students, he's shaping the future of software development, nurturing the next generation of tech innovators.

With a keen eye on the future, Anas Madi's data-driven strategies ensure Metachain's continued growth and sustainability. His leadership style, marked by adaptability and innovation, creates a vibrant work environment that propels Metachain towards its ambitious goals.

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